Last year, the first hybrid printing press MPS EF SYMJET in the Baltic States started operating at JSC „Liepājas Papīrs” in Liepāja, and this year the first anniversary of this event is celebrated.

The unique technology was installed and launched one year ago. It was chosen for the faster development of the company’s operation due to its wide technological capabilities, as well as based on market demand and customer expectations for new products of the small and medium print jobs.

Evaluating the achievements, the company „Liepājas Papīrs” is satisfied with the launch of the new technology in the market. The launch is confirmed as success not only by customer evaluation, but also by positive statistics. During just one year, more than 5000 orders have been carried out, producing almost 120 million production items. The unique equipment is economical and environmentally friendly as well, reducing material consumption by at least 20% compared to flexography technology.

Normunds Jansons, Chairman of the Board, admits that MPS EF SYMJET not only allows projects to be printed faster and cheaper but also significantly releases the capacity of other company equipment for printing large-scale works.

 “I would like to emphasize that our new technology has proven itself well during the Covid – 19 pandemic when, thanks to hybrid printing, we were able to serve large amount of orders quickly, thus producing the largest production in the company’s history in a month,” adds Normunds Jansons.

Artūrs Gabaliņš, Head of the Sales, adds that ”the use of hybrid printing has made it possible for us to enter the market with new and unique projects, for instance, it has allowed to work with the printing of variable information, thus making each label unique. The implementation of environmentally friendly projects has also been significantly promoted. Undoubtedly, it significantly contributes to the company’s competitiveness in the industry.”

MPS EF SYMJET is a combination of the printing equipment of the company MPS Systems BV and ones from the British printing company DOMINO UK Limited. The main advantages of the device are the possibility to achieve more nuanced tones, thanks to the expanded CMYK colour model with orange and purple colour. It can be used to carry out the foil cold printing jobs, to laminate and to obtain a colour application equivalent to screen printing, finding an opportunity to create completely unique texture effects. The company has invested more than one million EUR in the purchase of MPS EF SYMJET hybrid printing equipment.

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