Labels for industrial goods

Labels for industrial goods
Extremely durable labels

JSC “Liepājas Papīrs” produces labels for industrial goods of various shapes, sizes and colours in the fields of chemistry and industry.

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Labels for industrial goods

In the industry sector, the practical function of product packaging is important. The label can be durable and lasting or, on the contrary – easy to remove. Labels of chemical and industrial goods must withstand the effects of the surrounding environment, while maintaining durability, clear image and retaining also the decorative appearance. Often important product information is displayed on the label.

The packaging and labelling of the goods must conform to the requirements of the surrounding conditions. Industrial labels are exposed to harsh environmental conditions and demanding requirements. Products are labelled outdoors, the effects of sunlight and oxidation must be considered, as well as the fact that active chemical substances are stored in the packaging.

Personalized labels

To implement the idea of the customer in the actual sticker, we offer wide range of materials, adhesives and print options. The most popular materials are glossy or matte paper, thermal paper, white or transparent film. Also a wide variety of specialized papers and films are available, having various properties – with relief already worked in, pre-painted, with especially high moisture, cold or tear resistance, high transparency or simply glossy materials. Express your wishes to our sales specialists and they will find the material that suits you best.

It is also possible to choose from a variety of adhesives, including high durability, moisture resistant, low temperature resistant, as well as peel-off glues, when it is necessary to easily remove the labels from the end product. Definitely inform our sales team also about your glue preference.

For more information on print options, see section “Services”.

Customer service

We offer our customers complete service cycle from the idea to the delivery. The service cycle includes hearing out the ideas of the client and processing them, as well as developing the design layout, label pre-treatment, production process, label post-processing and delivery of the product to the customer.

Quality control

To ensure consistent level of service provision, the company has introduced quality management system that is ISO 9001 certified. The certificate confirms that the company adheres to the basic principles of quality management as customer-oriented company, systematic approach to management issues, mutually beneficial relations with the suppliers, etc.

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